Client Feedback



Colin was one of my coaches when I boxed and always gave me the right advice on my nutrition, strength and conditioning for my fights.


Colin used to take us on 6 mile runs once a week to ensure our aerobic fitness was up to scratch.


Recently I have been bodybuilding and Colin has provided me with programmes, diet and a specific amount of cardio to keep my fitness up while still building muscle. I am very pleased with the results and always got on well with him as he is relaxed and approachable.

NiallJarvis Nathan cut





 I worked on strength and conditioning with Colin in the build up to my 3rd round knock out victory over Bulgarian olympic contender Salim Salimov and my Sky Sports

debut on Prizefighter.


In terms of results I was getting better and feeling stronger each week, I've worked with some of the UK's top strength and conditioning coaches and can confidently say colin has a vast knowledge of the body and methods of training and also

 offers diet / nutrition advice.


He is a very honest man and if there was something he

 wasn't sure about he would say so rather than try to

 pull wool over your eyes.


To conclude he offers great value for money and I couldn't

ask to work with a nicer bloke.





Colin training is very good value for money and it isn't just fitness which you learn and achieve,


Colin also has a good knowledge of boxing technique of which he efficiently and effectively teaches.


 I am very pleased with my boxing and circuit sessions of which I have attended and will keep on attending them.

Niall Jarvis

Ash Lane

Nathan Reeve





I have been going along to Colins one on one boxing sessions for a few weeks now and can honestly say that I have enjoyed every minute of it.


Although a bit self conscious at first, Colin soon puts you at ease and sets a pace that is right for your individual needs.


I started colins sessions with the intention of losing weight, getting fitter and learning boxing as a means of self defence, Colin not only manages to address these issues but he manages to do it in a way that makes it enjoyable.


As a result in a matter of just a few weeks I already feel fitter, have more energy and feel better about myself, you cant put a price on that.


Already looking forward to my next session.

Steve Waugh




I have been boxing training with Colin for the last couple of months.


 I am finding the training both rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable. Having never boxed before,

 I was unsure what to expect but Colin has done a first class job improving both my overall fitness and teaching me the sweet science!

Jon Baxter




Exceptional training, exceptional value for money and a top bloke.

Mark L (Npton)




Only having had gym experience I decided to kick start my training regime and contacted

Real Personal Trainer, I went in with an open mind. However came out with the view that my money was well spent and the trainer a guy called Colin made me realise that I wasnt achieving my full potential.


I will most definitely keep up the sessions as he made me realise I can do more than I thought possible

Mrs B Hill (Npton)